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My dear young students,

Welcome to our new improved website of Bangalore University. Welcome to the new exciting stage in the evolution of Bangalore University’s web address. From today this is our main home. The new website has exactly the same content as our old site but with lot of modifications. We hope you'll notice some big improvements straight away and the site should be self-explanatory. We have designed the new site to be as user friendly and informative as possible.  If you still have questions after browsing the site please feel free to contact us through email.

VC Speaks

Learning is a continuous process... As we march towards becoming a developed nation, your role as that of 540 million youth of the country, becomes increasingly important. We aspire to be a cutting-edge university, to anticipate the needs of the future and meet them here and to create a physical environment that supports teaching, learning, and research. 

The Universities of the World stipulate three in-dissociable principles which every university should stand for, namely:

    •    Right to pursue knowledge for its own sake and

    •    Tolerance of divergent opinion and

    •    Freedom from political interference

    •    Chase for excellence and Search for Success

Winning is no more a process. It’s the goal, the only goal. You can lead a race all the way but if you don’t breast the tape before the rest, you don’t even count for a footnote. Excellence, on the other hand, is what you spend a lifetime seeking. It’s an art form, a faith. It teaches you to align yourself with the best. While success teaches you that you get only one shot at winning. Blow it, you’re gone.

We forget that the winner is not always excellent. We also forget that excellence doesn’t always ensure a win. In fact, we were even taught how to lose gracefully.

1.2 billion Population and 540 million youth-it is difficult to imagine how we can face a shortage of talent.

A borderless society with no divisions of caste and community can only arise, from borderless minds.  Love,  patience, good laws and fair justice are the best instruments for our society to transform itself into a borderless community where hands that serve are better than lips that pray.

I firmly believe that university is the ultimate place to flourish the multi-dimensional talents of the students through different academic and extra-academic activities.

Examination reforms The results were being announced on an average of 100 to 120 days and sometimes even 180 days after the examinations before 2008.  Now the examinations are being conducted in a new format.

    •    250,000 students appear for the exams. every semester

    •    6000 question papers are being set annually

    •    2000000 (20 lakh) ANSWER SCRIPTS are evaluated every semester

    •    Results are announced in 22 days.

    •    In 2008 Nov. Exams. 90,000 applications were received for revaluation. Post Reforms 10900 applications were received for revaluation.

    •    Reforms are further carried forward to make the exams foolproof and transparent.

    •    Marks cards will not contain “Fail”. This will be replaced by “To Reappear” in an attempt to prevent possible suicides of the students, 2% of the suicides in the age group 20-30 yrs are because of the FAILURE in the examinations. The word FAIL carries a stigma. To REAPPEAR is benign.

Admission Reforms

For the first time in the History of any University in Karnataka, a Centralized Single Window System has been introduced for the 3000 and odd post graduate seats.

    •    One Application,

    •    One set of documents,

    •    One application fee for a maximum of eight courses.

    •    Computerized matrix including Roster System

There is a delightful story of  Birbal. On his way home he saw a group of people searching for something under a street lamp. What have you lost  Birbal asked.  He was told that a precious ring had been lost.  Birbal also started searching for the ring. After a while he asked where have you lost it ? Out there near the hut! He was told. The puzzled Birbal asked then why are you searching here?  He was told “because there is no light there”. Well this is precisely what is happening in the present scenario of higher education. There are the issues of  Quality Vs quantity, access, funding, autonomy, knowledge, Skill, employability, infrastructure academic research and development etc.

Today we are teaching (in Wiesel’s words)

    •    Theories instead of values

    •    Abstractions and concepts rather than Skills

    •    Questions rather than Answers

    •    Ideology rather than efficiency

As a new millennium unfolds, higher education institutions continue to find themselves in a period of flux and transformation. Rapid growth has brought with it much greater student diversity not only in their socio-economic backgrounds and age profiles but also in their goals and aspirations.

With respect, admiration, and appreciation I ask you to join me in protecting the future of this great University. Let us work together, serve together, and yes, sometimes even sacrifice together, for the future of this University and higher education. Then, regardless, we win, together.



Prof. B. Thimme Gowda


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