The University Library was established in 1966 and this shifted to the Jnana Bharathi Campus in the year. The Library building at Jnana Bharathi Campus has Stack room storing 1.5 lakhs of books for Circulation, Reference Section Storing 35000 Reference and Text books and the Periodical Section holding more than 200 current periodicals and 50,000 book volumes of Periodicals. The Library is kept open on all working days from 9a.m. to 7a.m.
The University Library holds Library committee Meetings from time to time under the Chairmanship of Vice Chancellor and Registrar, Finance Officer and all the Deans are the members of the committee and the Librarian is the member secretary of the committee.

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The Library Committee for the year 2009-10 was held on 11th December 2009 and decided for the additional provisions for purchase of books and Journals. The committee has also reviewed the book purchase procedure along with other development activities to increase the Library services to students, Teachers and Research Scholars. Following are some of the important decisions and implementations.

  • Review of Library purchase policy: In order to get the new arrivals and latest books, the University Library has conducted the book exhibition from 10-12 March 2010 by inviting national and international book publishers and senior vendors from different parts of India to participate in the Book Exhibition.
  • Creation of University Library Fund: The Finance Branch of Bangalore University has open a separate account in the State Bank of Mysore, Nagarabhavi Branch in the name of University Library Fund operated by the Finance Officer to deposit all the receipts from Library and also Student library fees from all the Government and Private colleges in order to spend the same money to provide a State-of Art Library facilities at Jnana Bharathi and Central College Campuses.
  • Refurbishing of old Racks/Cupboards/File Cabinets and wooden furniture: A tender was invited for supply of new Racks and Refurbish and repainting of old Racks to re-organize the Library sections. Accordingly new Racks have been received and the re-organizing work is in progress.
  • Establishing a 24/7 Library Reading Room facility for the benefit of students: The Vice Chancellor desired for establishment of a separate Reading for keeping the Library open 24/7 hours. Tenders have been invited and the civil work is in progress.
  • Establishment of Scanning Centre for Bangalore University Library: The University Library has established a Mega Scanning Centre for Digitization of all the Rare Books, Publication of the Bangalore University, Thesis, Dissertation, Question Papers, Accession Registers and Syllabus in collaboration with Digital Library of India.
  • Purchase of RFID Tags: The University Library has decided to introduce RFID Technology. As a beginning initiative it has insisted its book sellers to bear the cost of RFID Tags charges for the number of books they supply. Hence the continued new collection will have RFID Tags and for the retrospective collection it is decided to separate the less used collections and fix RFID Tags only to Active collection. Hence, the separation of less used books is in progress.
  • Providing R3 Access (Remote Restricted Resource): University as started extending the Remote Access facility to its E-resources to the residences of the University Teachers, Research Scholars, and Students.

A brief Statistical report is given below -
Library Budget at a glance:
1. Books –Normal Grants : Rs. 40 Lakhs
2. Subscription to Journals-University Grants : Rs. 30 Lakhs
3. Periodical (Magazines and News Papers) : Rs. 1.75 Lakh
4. Xerox Expenses : Rs. 10,000
Procurement of Books and Journals
1. Total number of books as on 31st March 2010 : 3,30,802
2. Average number of books added per annum : 3724
3. Average number of books received as gift : 32
4. No. of journals subscribed : 170
5. Journals received as gift : 102
6. Electronic Journals : 6500
7. Databases : 08
8. CD-ROM : 300
The Library User Statistics
1. Total No. of Students (2009-10) : 1868
2. Teachers : 22
3. Research Scholars : 64
4. University Staff : 11
5. Institution Membership : 11
Library Services Offered
1. Access to- Electronic Journals and Databases on campus and Remote Access)
2. Browsing and Reading facility
3. CD-ROM Search Service
4. Document Delivery Services
5. E-Mail Services
6. Inter Library Loan
7. Internet Access
8. Reference Service
9. Referral Service
10. Photocopy Service

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